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Welcome to Natural Bodybuilding Australia, where we are dedicated to revolutionizing the industry by upholding the highest standards of professionalism, passion and integrity.

Our principles of inclusivity, transparency, and athlete-centricity, are what underpin Natural Bodybuilding Australia as an organization and represent a new era in the sport, challenging traditional norms and expanding the horizons of competitive natural bodybuilding. We are committed to fostering community engagement, promoting diversity, and most importantly providing equitable opportunities for athletes of all backgrounds to pursue their bodybuilding endeavors.

Join us as we pave the way for innovation and progress, leading the charge into a new era of natural bodybuilding. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor honing your craft or you’re just starting out in your bodybuilding journey, there has never been a more opportune moment to become a part of this community.

Together, let us push the boundaries, break new ground, and redefine the standards of excellence in bodybuilding. Welcome to Natural Bodybuilding Australia, where greatness awaits, and the journey begins now!

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The Natural Bodybuilding Australia Pro Card

The Natural Bodybuilding Australia Pro Card is the hardest to earn in Australian Natural Bodybuilding.

Any athlete that competes at our National or International shows and wins the Overall Title in an amateur event has the opportunity to receive a Natural Bodybuilding Australia Pro Card.

Obtaining an Natural Bodybuilding Australia Pro Card is an incredible accomplishment that requires commitment, dedication and signifies an athlete that has proven to be amongst the best in the country. Such an accomplishment is a symbol of mastery and a credential that the athlete is worthy to compete against the best of the best. This credential not only acknowledges their hard work and talent but also serves as a symbol of recognition and validation of their efforts, setting them apart as professionals in the sport of natural bodybuilding.

Professional Athletes must demonstrate the highest level of condition, muscularity, symmetry and posing presentation relevant to their individual category.

Professional Athletes have the opportunity to compete in Professional events and earn prize money.

Events Open For Registration

    South Coast (NSW) Titles

    South Australia State Titles

    Western Australia State Titles

    New South Wales State Titles

    National Titles & Pro Show - Brisbane

    Asia Pacific Pro/Am - Bali